Sheila, Tobi, and Becca are presenting at the WV Writers summer conference.

1.  What am I writing? Sheila and Tobi will introduce participants to genre fiction, readers, publishers and editors expectations, giving concrete advice on how to find your audience and where your story fits on the bookshelf. 

2. Are you ready to submit your book? Join Sheila and Tobi as they help you navigate the submissions process to agents and editors for your manuscript. Participants will learn how to find an agent, and the basics of how to write a query letter, blurb, and synopsis. 

3. Writing the Synopsis Clinic. Nobody likes writing a synopsis, but everybody needs one, either for submission to an agent or editor, or to help write their blurb for marketing. Join Sheila Redling, Tobi Doyle, and Rebecca Barray as we work collaboratively to draft your synopsis! Participants should have a manuscript that they have completed or are working, and a concrete idea of what happens in that story if they wish to attend.

4. Character-Driven Revisions! Is your story falling flat? Got a saggy middle? Beta-readers not connecting with your characters? Join Sheila Redling, Tobi Doyle, and Rebecca Barray as we think about how your character drives your plot, hooks your readers, and makes your book a page-turner. 

You can register for the conference here.