We’re here to help you write a great story with incredible characters, a page-turning experience that readers love. We’re talking about genre fiction writing…you know the stories that most people read. Whether you’re writing mystery, suspense, thriller, romance, horror, sci-fi, paranormal, westerns, even women’s fiction, we’ve got you covered. If you’re looking for an MFA experience to help you craft your literary fiction novel or memoir, we probably aren’t a good fit. We’re here to teach you about writing craft, whether you’re a plotter (like to outline your story), or a pantser (prefer finding your story while you write your first draft), or if you plan to indie publish or dream of being traditionally published, we’ve got practical writing craft advice. We’re all about story, characters, and genre fiction. We want to help you write your first book, find your motivation, keep yourself creative, and even revise your work. Join panster and best-selling author SG Redling, and plotter and content developer for RWA’s Pen to Paper program, Tobi Doyle for some fabulous workshops. Check out the website, sign up for our newsletter, and we hope to see you at a conference or workshop soon!

What people are saying:

Whether it’s a group critique or one-on-one troubleshooting, Ask IGW has become the resource I turn to most often in my writing career. They are there through every step of an author’s journey from developing an idea, to the process of publication, to all of the behind the scenes aspects. My ten million questions always get answered with the patience of saints, and I am forever grateful for their help and expertise.

JT Cooper

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