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Are you ready to submit your manuscript? This workshop discusses what you need and the basics of how to find an agent and comparable titles. Also discussed is how to write a synopsis, blurb, logline, and query letter. Handouts and transcript are available, just click the button.

What are the different kinds of editing, and which do you need? Tobi describes the different levels of editing including: developmental editing, proof-reading, copy-editing, and more. Also, how to find an editor and what expectations you should have.

Be your own developmental editor! A step-by-step guide to help you revise your book. Here’s a link to a Book Map Template with example that you can use.

Scene and Sequel Demystified

Scene and Sequel, a term coined by Dwight Swain in his book Techniques of a Best-Selling Author has led to more confusion than necessary. Join Sheila (a pantser) and Tobi (a plotter) as they make sense of the term and pass on fabulous writing tips to improve your scene and story structure.

New to writing? Trying to figure out WTH is a 3-Act-Structure in 10 minutes or less? Using plain English and with mostly accurate subtitles, Tobi Doyle explains the 3-Act-Structure using The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins as an example. You can find more #writing #workshops at where Tobi and Sheila Redling help writers craft a great story.

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